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What sets us apart is why you can not afford "free help"

Let us answer an obvious question almost anyone would have: "With all the 'free help' on the Internet (like APlaceforMom.com or APlaceForDad.com, which make tens of millions of dollars annually in revenues from the very homes they are recommending to you) why would I need 4OurElders' advice or help in selecting the best nursing home?" There are two simple answers.

FIRST, THE BEST SENIOR HOMES DO NOT NEED OFF-BALANCE SHEET MARKETEERS, SUCH AS THESE TWO  MENTIONED ABOVE, TO ATTRACT NEW RESIDENTS.  Therefore, if you are looking for the best senior home for you or a loved one, it follows that you are not likely to find one using this "free help." For the most part, these types of "free services" come from companies which are being paid by the very homes they recommend; many of these internet help lines are little more than referral services or "off-balance sheet" marketing arms for the companies trying to get you or your loved one into one of their facilities.  Moreover, as the NY Times and others  (NY Times: A Helping Hand, Paid on Commission: see also Seattle Times: Senior-care placement companies scramble to cash in) found in a very critical article of this business last fall, often these companies are reluctant to even disclose this business relationship.

Second, in contrast to these "free services," we at 4ourelders have no such conflict because we have no financial relationship with any senior housing company trying to get a move-in.  We work only for you and our loyalty is only to you. We do not make referrals and do not accept money from anyone other than our clients. Our goal is simple:  to give you the best chance in a very uneven industry to find a home that will provide a good experience and a good outcome. We will provide you with the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that you did everything possible to protect and serve your loved one, and to avoid the trauma of bad nursing home experiences. We are ready to help you find the right home for the right reasons. Click here to read one of our own personal stories.

What we do

We evaluate eldercare homes around the country for our clients, helping them insure that they have all necessary information, unavailable anywhere else for any amount of money, to choose the best possible home for themselves or a loved one based on one criterium--who has the best staff from top to bottom, at every hour of every day, to provide the best possible care and service to its residents.  We measure on-site every aspect of care and service to give the new resident and his or her family the best possible chance for the best possible outcome.

Making a decision to move yourself or someone you love into an institutional residence--assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care or even independent living—can be one of the toughest things you will ever have to do. To find the best possible home without help from a knowledgeable, objective and independent third party is even tougher. And to have to live with a decision that ultimately proves to have been fatally flawed for whatever reason is the toughest of all.  Don’t risk it. We can definitely ease your burden.

Peace of mind

4OurElders is unique in the elder care business because we take the guesswork out of the process of evaluating competing long term care facilities as potential homes for our clients. By doing this, we give them the confidence that the home they choose will provide the best opportunity for a good experience. We do everything humanly possible to eliminate for our clients the feelings so prevalent in those involved in the eldercare decision process--angst, fear, guilt, the trauma, the uncertainty and, far too often for far too many people, after-the-fact remorse that people often feel when the experience they so wanted, expected and desperately needed to be good turns horribly bad (See Seattle Times: Hundreds of adult homes conceal abuse, neglect).

We use a unique, proprietary, on-site personal, people-based process. We use seasoned professionals who know the industry from the inside. Our Resident Specialists use our copyrighted tools, which employ proprietary metrics available to no one else in the industry. They evaluate and rate competing eldercare housing choices. We then help the prospective resident and his or her family make the best choice based on our evaluations of the best environment for great care and service and the best possible experience; we help facilitate the move-in and we will monitor and re-evaluate the facility and our client’s experience during her first year. Let us help ease your burden and make this the best possible experience for you and your loved one.

4OurElders ...where perfection is the only acceptable goal

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