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On Thursday August 16, 2012, 4OurElders awarded the Greenhurst Nursing Center in Charleston, AR its highest award, the 5-Heart Award “For Excellence in Care and Service for Its Residents, Families, Staff, Vendors and the Charleston community.” 4OurElders , headquartered in Fort Smith, Arkansas, is a company that evaluates and helps improve the level of care and service in long term care facilities in various states. In presenting the award, the company’s founder Steve Brigance told the home’s staff and others present that they had the highest dedication to care and service that he had seen in his career, which includes assessments of care and service in hundreds of long term facilities around the country.  In fact, Greenhurst’s Administrator Jonas Schaffer told his staff that Brigance actually told him that Greenhurst was the first facility Brigance has evaluated that has 4OurElders’ insistence on perfection in care and service “in sight as a realistic, achievable goal.”  “It is an unparallel home in my experience” Brigance told the audience.

4OurElders is an independent company that takes no referral fees and makes no specific recommendations about homes its clients should choose; rather, it evaluates competing facilities—Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Memory Care, Hospice and Adult Family Homes—using proprietary interview, grading and evaluation techniques and tools to assist its clients in finding the best possible long term care home for themselves or a loved one.

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